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                Home > Products > Mirror > 1.5mm 1.8mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm Aluminium Mirror

                1.5mm 1.8mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm Aluminium Mirror

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                  Processed Glass/Mirror

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                  Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage

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                  Rider Glass




                China's most reputable glass supplier providing top services for more than 27 years.

                We manufacture a wide range of glass to meet your different demands: Clear Float glass, Tinted glass, Stained glass, Laminated glass, Mirror glass, Aluminum mirror, Silver mirror, Reflective glass, Online coated glass, Patterned glass, Figured glass, Wired glass, Colored glass, Tempered glass, Toughened glass, Safety glass, Shower doors glass, Emulsificated glass, Acid-etched glass, Obscure glass, Sandblasted glass, Solar glass, Ultra clear low iron glass, Low-E glass, Obscure glass in different colors and sizes. 
                Should you be interested iof our products,Please let us know and we shall be glad to give you our best quotation. 
                We look forward to receiving your inquiry soon.

                RIDER Aluminium Mirror and Silver Mirror

                Mirror also can be called as glass mirror, mirror sheet, clear mirror, clear mirror glass,silver mirror, aluminum mirror, looking glass, etc.  
                Rider Have professional mirror factory, we can supply high quality aluminum mirror, silver mirror,environment mirror and all kind of deep process mirror, such as cut mirror, groove mirror, safety mirror, drill holes mirror, chamfer mirror, wall mirror, dressing mirror, furniture mirror, mini mirror, bathroom mirror with flat edge, C-edge, beveled polish edge and so on. Different sizes, shapes and packages we can offer according to our clients' requirement.

                Rider mirrors add a feeling of depth to any room.
                Rider mirrors are available in either silver or aluminum backing to suit all atmospheric conditions.High quality clear float and modern mirror equipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality.Rider mirrors are available in clear float and a wide range of colors. Mirrors can be supplied in stock sizes or can be cut and beveled to suit customer's needs.

                The mirror colors are mainly divided into three categories - The color of regular products:
                Clear, Extra Clear, French Green, Dark Green, Euro Grey, Dark Grey, Lake Blue, Dark Blue, Bronze, etc.
                The color of reflective mirrors produced by off-line reflective glass:
                Golden Yellow, Pink, Purple, etc. Antique mirror

                Thickness: 1.5-6mm

                Regular size:
                A. Aluminum mirror:
                1.5mm 914*1220,610*914,600*900,900*1200mm
                B. Silver mirror: 1.8mm 914*1220,610*914,600*900,900*1200,1500*2000,1600*2000,1600*2200,1830*1220, 1000*2000,762*1270mm
                C. Silver mirror & Aluminum mirror: 2mm 914*1220,610*914,600*900,900*1200,1500*2000,1600*2000,1600*2200,1830*1220, 1830*2440,1000*1220,1000*2000,762*1270mm
                D. Silver mirror & Aluminum mirror: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm 1830*2140,1830*2440,1830*3300,1830*1220,1830*1650,1524*2140,2000*2440, 1650/1605*2140,1650/1605*2440,1650/1605*2250, 3300*2140,3300*2250,3300*2440,3660*2140,3660*2250,3660*2440,3050*2140,3050*2250, 3050*2440,1220*2140,1220*2440,1220*1220, 1067*1830,1067*1650,1067*1524,1067*1220
                E. Antique mirror: 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm 1650*2200,1830*2440 etc.



                ABOUT RIDER GLASS(SINCE1993)

                Rider Glass' advantage
                Qingdao Rider Glass is the largest supplier of glass industry in China with a history of 27 years, providing top-level services to customers around the world.Rider has its own joint venture factories. All products have complete international certifications, such as AS/NZS 2208:1996, CE CERTIFICATE, SGCC, etc., meeting the quality requirements of customers in different markets for different products.

                Rider owns a strict production research and development team, a high-quality professional sales group and a perfect after-sale service system. The senior sales managers with more than 10 years of professional glass sales experience, can provide much more professional advice and services for the products sold in each customer market, establishing a good partnership with customers over the years and receiving their good comments. As a senior glass supplier with a history of 27 years, Rider obtains the most favorable product price and high standard product quality by its comprehensive strength for many years. At the same time, as a VIP client of global carriers, Rider enjoys the exclusive shipping space guarantee service at more reasonable ocean freight. As the top foreign trade enterprise in the glass industry, Rider protects the rights and interests of customers by the standardized trade contracts and guarantees the security and fluency of information transition by the well-developed ERP system.

                We are familiar with the documents requirements of different markets, so our proficiency in documentation can ensure that you have nothing to worry about for clearing customs clearance and cargo pick-up. Rider takes full advantages of its excellent resources to provide a strong technical support for the business chain of receiving an order, producing glass and finally delivering to customers. What we are doing guarantees a high-quality, high-efficient and high-standard shipment for you. We will try our best to meet all your needs for glass.




                Tel: (86 532)83873000



                Rider Glass Co., Ltd.



                CE - Float GlassCE - Bronze Float GlassCE - Clear Float Glass

                Main Products:

                Mirrors,Reflective Glass,Float Glass,Patterned Glass,Tempered Glass,Clear Float Glass,Laminated Glass,Flat Glass



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